Power Punching Secrets
The Ultimate Study in Superior Punching Dynamics
by Andy Puzyr

For the martial artist who is serious about escalating their punching skills to the maximum level of power and efficiency comes Andy Puzyr’s Power Punching Secrets: The Ultimate Study in Superior Punching Dynamics. In this book, Puzyr combines elements in body mechanics to refine and maximize one’s punching power.

The author has been studying a number of fighting disciplines for decades. Early on, however, his punching power seemed to reach a plateau. Unsatisfied, Puzyr began studying the science of body mechanics. In time, he was able to deliver knockout power by subtle changes in weight shift, bone alignment, or modifying the contraction and relaxation of specific muscle groups at precise moments. He shares these techniques in Power Punching Secrets.

In this book, several major punches have been taken to their physiological limits. Plus, secrets on ballistic motion, power bases, force vectors, and much more are all explained in simple detail.